Job market paper

“Time cost of shopping and Labor Supply: Evidence from E-commerce Expansion in Rural China,” (Job Market Paper) PDF

Since 2014, the Chinese government has been supporting major e-commerce development in rural area. One likely consequence of the expansion of e-commerce is saving in time cost of shopping for people in remote villages. This paper analyzes the likely impact of time saving on labor supply of men and women in rural China. To investigate the causal effect e-commerce expansion, I make use of the roll-out time of the government program and heterogenous response of online shopping to the program across distance and age structure, as supported by findings from machine learning approach. My estimates suggest that e-commerce expansion increases labor supply for both men and women, but in a gender differentiated manner. It shifts labor away from working inside the home to outside the home for women and from agriculture to the wage sector for the men.


“The Great Turn of Chinese Inequality,” with Ravi Kanbur and Xiaobo Zhang, Journal of Comparative Economics (forthcoming). link

Working papers

“E-commerce Development and Household Consumption Growth in China,” with Xubei Luo and Xiaobo Zhang
“Moral Hazard in Sow Insurance,” with Yanyan Liu and Yuehua Zhang

Work in progress

“E-commerce and Industrial Clusters Development in China,” with Xiaobo Zhang and Wu Zhu